Lincolnshire Open Gardens - page discontinued


As you know I have had to discontinue managing the Lincolnshire Open Gardens web page which I know has been useful to a number of people.

The intention was that my webmaster Aidan Hopkins should continue to upload those details of Gardens which were sent to him. Unfortunately Aidan´s own health problems have prevented him from doing this work.

Very reluctantly I have to say that this web page will no longer be available for publicising Gardens Open in Lincolnshire. Aidan and I both sincerely apologise for this.

John R Ketteringham MBE, PhD of Lincoln in Lovely Lincolnshire

A few links which may be of use:

BRC = British Red Cross

HPS = Lincolnshire Group of Hardy Plant Society

LA =  Lincs.Ark (Animal Welfare)

LCT = Lincolnshire Churches Trust

LGT =Lincolnshire Gardens Trust

LDS = Lincolnshire Daffodil Society

LWT = Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust

NGS = National Gardens Scheme

OGN = Open Gardens UK National Directory

SACH = St Andrews Children’s Hospice


John R Ketteringham unless otherwise acknowledged.

Webmaster: Aidan C A Hopkins

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