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Below are Links to web sites of interest to visitors and residents of Lincolnshire, gardeners, bell ringers and others who have and interest in bells from an historical or archaeological viewpoint.  There are also Links to web sites which I find of particular interest:

LINKS to web sites of particular interest to Bell Ringers or those who would like to know more about the subject:

Ringing Info (aka Change Ringing Resources): This web site (created by the late Roger Bailey) gives access to a wide variety of sites covering all aspects of bell ringing.

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers : This web site will help bell ringers visit the web sites of bell ringing Organisations affiliated to the Central Council and also to contact other bell ringers.

A Handlist of Campanological papers, articles, theses and dissertations.

Diocese of Lincoln

The Jack Millhouse pages.

A Tribute to the Memory of Rodney Meadows (1924-2002).

Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers : This site will help the visitor to find tower contacts and practice nights and the next two sites will give the latest news of branch meetings.

The Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Eastern Branch

The Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Northern Branch

A useful extra to Dove's Guide - Street Maps showing UK Church Towers with Bells
Dove's Guide
Dove's Guide :Over the years this is the way by which bell ringers refer to Ronald H Dove's Guide to the Church Bells of Britain and Ringing Peals of the World which he produced in eight editions from 1950 to 1994. Shortly before he died Ron handed over the production of the book which has become an indispensable aid to bell ringers to the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers which has now produced a ninth edition. This link is to the online version.
Dove's Guide
Dove's Guide Search utility

If you would like to know what bell ringing is all about and especially the Art and Science of Change Ringing click here.

If you would like to take a virtual tour of a church tower and its bells please click here.

El Gremi de Campaners Valencians - how they do it in Valencia

A catalogue which claims to list all recordings of Carillons known to exist
will be found here.

Bell ringing oddities - not bell ringing as we know it - but almost

Recordings of change ringing on handbells

A web site for young ringers

BBC Bells on Sunday

Links to web sites which will provide information which is useful both to the tourist and to Lincolnshire residents:

Lincolnshire County Council : This site contains a tremendous amount of information which includes Tourism, Entertainment, Travel Organisations and Libraries.  From this site you can even search the Library Catalogue

Lincolnshire, England : This site contains links to a considerable number of Lincolnshire web sites

Lincolnshire Visitor Information

Lincoln Cathedral : The official web site.


Panorama of St Botolph's Boston

Roger Parsons Lincolnshire World :  This site contain a tremendous amount of information about Lincolnshire and links to many web site of interest to Lincolnshire people.


Sibsey Trader Mill was built in 1877 to replace a small post mill.   It is one of the few six sailed mills remaining in England.

Mike Cliff's radio programme blends song, poetry and anecdotes in Lincolnshire dialect. The aim of the programme is to provide a recorded archive of the dialect for those who still speak it and for posterity.

LINKS to websites which I find of particular interest:

The Association of Friends of Lincoln Cathedral
My wife and I always keep clear the second weekend in September each year for the Lincolnshire Heritage Open Days.  In 2001 there were 73 specially arranged free openings and events throughout historic Lincolnshire.  More than half the programme consisted of completely new attractions and many are not normally open to the public.  If you would like to know more please visit the website of Heritage Lincolnshire who co-ordinate the programme of events.  
The late Peter Fairweatherís site is very well worth a visit.  Peter wrote under the name 'Churchmouse' and his site reflects his interest in Ecclesiastical Architecture, Stained Glass, Church Monuments and other Funerary Monuments such as Cast Iron Grave Markers.  He has an extensive collection of first class photographs reflecting these interests.

I am a member of the Lincolnshire Group of the Betjeman Society and if you are an admirer of Sir John and would like to know more about the Group you can contact the Chairman, Michael Thomas, on 01507 466813. You may also find the Poetry page interesting.

English Church Photographs provided by Wendy Parkinson

L INKS to websites of interest to the Family and Local Historian:

Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology (SLHA) Promoting Lincolnshire's Heritage

Ifor Bartonís web site : Ifor has had considerable experience in family history research and writes a weekly column for the Lincolnshire Echo.

Anyone researching Lincolnshire for their family history would be well advised to visit the web site of the Lincolnshire Family History Society.

Anyone who is thinking of compiling their parish history would be well advised to look at the web page compiled by Dennis Mills.

LINKS to web sites of particular interest to gardeners:

Hardy Plant Society : I am a member of the national Society and the Lincolnshire Group which has a membership of around 600.  Our meetings during the winter months include a speaker and there are plant and book sales.  These meetings are extremely popular!

Garden History Society : I was a member of this Society which as its name implies promotes Garden History.

Hall Farm Nursery : This Nursery at Harpswell just north of Lincoln has a most interesting garden and is very well worth a visit.

Blooms of Bressingham Perennials : My wife and I try to stay at the home of Allen Bloom each year.  The gardens and nursery are always well worth a visit.  There is a Dadís Army Museum and Allanís specialty Steam Engine Museum.

An unusual and interesting web site devoted to plants named in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
A different perspective on lawn care

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