Handlist of Articles, Papers, Dissertations & Theses relating to Lincoln Cathedral

Compiled and edited by John R Ketteringham MBE, PhD


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Introduction and acknowledgements

Important and interesting articles and papers which have been published in Journals, Magazines and other periodicals can be extremely difficult to trace. The same applies to dissertations and theses which are usually placed in a university library and, over time, forgotten.  I hope that this Handlist will enable such items relating to Lincoln cathedral to be found more easily. The majority can be found in Lincoln cathedral library and this is a good starting point for the researcher.

I acknowledge the assistance of Dr Nicholas Bennett, the cathedral librarian who made available the indexes housed in the library. I also acknowledge the assistance and interest of Canon Dr D N Griffiths.

The inquirer may well find useful the 'Notes of Lincoln Cathedral' compiled by John Wells-Cole from items which were printed in Lincoln Diocesan Magazine, Lincoln Cathedral Notes, Minster Gazette and Minster Notes. This is available in the Cathedral Library.

I do hope this Handlist will be of use and interest to all who have an interest in Lincoln Cathedral, as an academic researcher, guide, volunteer or perhaps as a member of the clergy.

John R Ketteringham

March 2003



Last updated: 19/01/2012