Lincoln Cathedral

'I have always held and am prepared against all evidence to maintain that the Cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have'.

John Ruskin 1819-1900


There can be few people who have seen the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln who will not agree with the sentiments expressed by John Ruskin. Much of its impact is due to its position on the top of Lindum Hill which means that from certain directions it can be seen for some twenty miles.

The Cathedral was built mainly in three periods : Norman (1075-1092), Early English (1191-1250 and 1256-1300). There were additions and alterations in the fourteenth and fifteen centuries.   In the late seventeenth century the Wren Library was built and the cloisters restored.

The five drawings below by David Vale illustrate the various stages in the building of the Cathedral :

1092 1120 1160


The above photograph of the Lincoln Cathedral Choristers in the Cloisters by Michael Powell is taken with permission from the Annual Report of the Association of the Friends of Lincoln Cathedral.  The photographs below are also from the same source unless attributed otherwise.  I am sure these photographs will help those who have not been able to visit the Cathedral personally to understand why Lincolnshire people are so proud of it.
Lincoln Cathedral

Thomas Girtin
Eighteenth century

Lincoln circa

Samuel and Nathaniel Buck

A View of Lincoln Cathedral
from the West, 1742

Joseph Baker (died 1770)

Lincoln Cathedral

Drawn by J. Buckler
Engraved by B. Howlett
Published by William Miller
London 30 May 1803

Lincoln Cathedral from Brayford

Drawn by T. Girtin
Engraved by B. Howlett

Lincoln Cathedral circa 1820

E. J. Wilson (1787-1853) after Pugin

Lincoln Cathedral and Castle
from Braeford Water

Richard Bankes Harraden, RBA 1778-1862

Lincoln Cathedral and Pottergate

Attributed to Peter de Wint (1784-1849)

Lincoln Cathedral from the South East

John Chessel Buckler  (1793-1894)

A view of Lincoln Cathedral

 Charles Leaver
(Active 1867-1883)

'Lovers Lane' Lincoln 1850

Painting by Roy Fisk
after Charles Leaver

Lincoln Cathedral from the Castle circa 1900


Lincoln Cathedral and Exchequergate 1903

William Logsdail (1859-1944)

Lincoln Cathedral circa 1920

Etching by M. M. Rudge

The Christmas Market

Lincoln Roy Fisk

Lincoln Cathedral from Broadgate

John Middleton 2000

Lincoln Cathedral from Michaelgate

E C Trott

Lincoln Cathedral
and Old Bishop's Palace
from Temple Gardens

E C Trott

Lincoln Cathedral from Brayford

David Belton

Lincoln Cathedral from Exchequergate
CD (CRCD 6056)
Cantoris Records
"The Buskers"  - Rob Rosa, Violin; Chris Glynn, Piano.  
Photograph by Leandro Carbonell.  
Lighting by Chris Olney
Laurence McGinlay
(based on a painting in the Usher Gallery, Lincoln)

  Cantoris Records

Cathedral from Vicar's Court

Lincoln Camera Club
Cathedral from Exchequergate

  Phillip Green

Cathedral from the Castle walls

Paul Sharples

The official Lincoln Cathedral web site and those of the late Peter Fairweather and of Roger Parsons will provide more information about Lincoln Cathedral

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